Wake up and bake?… its not what you think

Betty crocker I am not, but today I woke up and decided lets head to the kitchen and try a new breakfast recipe. I’m not quite that girl who can whip and nae nae a recipe out of thin air like paleomg or Giada, but I can read a recipe and improvise with the best of themIMG_5563.

This morning I tried my hat at a flourless carrot breakfast cake, I even had a little helper assisting me with stirring and dumping ingredients and generally making a mess of the kitchen, but thats besides the point. This little breakfast cake really turned into baked oatmeal… so a typical 5 mins it takes to boil my quick gf oatmeal turned into 35 mins, but hey I went for it.

You would think I’m destine to always be late for work, as everyday I manage to push the limits of things I do that just aren’t totally necessary. Baking new recipes, new hair styles, pulling together new outfits or makeup techniques… why I don’t I save these for the weekend, ya I don’t know! I feel like time is this arbitrary thing and when you wake up at the crack of dawn, one would think I would have time to fit it all in.. right?!  Its amazing how many times in the week I look at the clock and think… WHAT?! how is it already time to leave?! SHHHIT!

And this daylight savings time is a total joke and has been a bit brutal in the Glenn house, at least for me it has! A.total.bitch.  I just can’t seem to fall asleep at my normal 8:30pm to get up by 4:45am. This week when I’ve opened my eyes and see the time, no matter what time it is I can’t seem to push myself to do anything but lay there. Am I alone here, or does the time change really suck?!! Kids or no kids it just freaking annoying. There are what 4 states who don’t  change? Why can’t Illinois be one of them? Its like succeeding from the union… lets just make a motion and do it. (I just pretended like I had the faintest idea of what it would take, and I absolutely don’t! Anyone that knows me, knows I am pretty politically and governmental policy dumb.)


Guilty…this is totally me. I’m so weak!  I just get tired easy, yes I like a full 7 or more hours of sleep. SUE ME! Who am I kidding, noone wants to text me super late anyway.

I originally planned on making this post about something truly noteworthy for my 1K+ viewers, but clearly I have failed. So I’ll end with my fashion friday, my next pinterest project (which will probably begin Monday morning at 5:23am) and a super amazing surprise that showed up in the mail yesterday… drink coupons, what could be better!

Have a great weekend and #beaunicorn!

#cupcakesnrye #fashionfriday #southwestrapidrewards #pinterestproject #daylightsavingstime



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